Information about Tuner Exchange


What is Tuner Exchange?

Tuner Exchange is a community marketplace for Japanese car enthusiasts. 

It’s hard to find JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) parts in current marketplaces. That’s why we built Tuner Exchange. Since 2016, we bring together like-minded enthusiasts and curate listings to ensure only authentic JDM car parts are sold on the site.

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"I've always searched Craigslist for parts and it's frustrating with the amount of things you don't care to see that show up. Your site really narrowed it down to the specifics, great job!" (ITR_Seegs)

"Really like what you are doing! A nice place for good quality parts and not sh*t knock off garbage like everywhere else." (Deni E)

"I love this site simple and easy!" (Pinku Style)